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Mango Ice Cream – No Churn


I remember during my childhood days during summer holidays, we used to get ice cream pot on rental and enjoyed making delicious mango ice cream. It needed a lot of preparation such as getting lots of ice from ice factory, rock salt and needless to say lot of energy for churning the ice cream pot for more than an hours…

Ice Cream Pot

During current days of scorching heat and lock down, can you think of ice cream using natural mangoes which can be made in flat 15-20 minutes without any special equipment such as ice cream maker? Then here is the recipe to make one yourself….

No Churn Mango Ice-cream

  1. Servings: 3 family packs

  2. Time: 30 minutes

  3. Difficulty: Easy


  1. Heavy Cream : 500 ml (I used Amul whipping cream with 30% milk fat..One can also use Amul Fresh Cream which has 25% fat..)

  2. Condensed milk : 400 gm (I used 1 can of Nestle Milkmaid)

  3. Mango Pulp : of 6 mangoes (coarsely blended)


  1. Make sure that heavy cream/whipping cream is chilled in the refrigerator at least for 3-4 hours

  2. In a bowl whip the cream initially on low speed for 2-3 minutes. Then on high speed for around 10 minutes or until soft peaks are formed and volume is almost doubled

  1. Add the condensed milk and mix it well using spatula until well combined

  1. Add mango pulp, mix well using spatula until combined

  2. Spoon the ice cream mix in airtight container and refrigerate preferably overnight or at least for 7-8 hours

  1. Smooth, airy and delicious ice-cream is ready


  1. Mixture of heavy cream and condensed milk becomes the base of ice-cream.

  2. We can use any nuts, chocolate chips, shortcake or any other flavouring and replace mango pulp used in this recipe to create any other flavoured ice-cream

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